Psychoeducational Assessments in
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A comprehensive, thorough assessment is a helpful tool.

Choosing to have your child assessed can feel overwhelming and intimidating. We want you to know that it doesn’t have to be! At Me Forest Hill, our licensed and trained psychologists and experts are warm, welcoming, and kind. We welcome each individual child and work to gain a holistic understanding of their learning profile, needs, and personality so we can connect you with the best resources and support.

We’re here for you through the entire process. If you want to get a deeper understanding of your child's learning profile to investigate sustained attention and focus, executive functioning, school avoidance, anxiety, social situations, and other concerns – you’re in the right place. Even if you choose not to pursue therapy or support after the assessment with Me Forest Hill, we’ll still follow-up and follow through to make sure your child is getting what they need to succeed.

Anxious About the Assessment?

Many parents feel nervous or uncertain about having their child assessed. You’re not alone! The truth is, many children and adolescents go through assessments each year, and many receive individual support and accommodations through IEPs. The assessment – and possible accommodations – are powerful tools that help you protect your child and advocate for their needs throughout school and into University. We’ll help you identify the assessment(s) that are right for your child, and help you figure out how to use the information and answers you receive. This is a powerful process that can help you make the best choices for your child’s education, social, and emotional needs. 

Does Your Child Need an Assessment?

Low grades, difficulty completing school work on time, or not achieving their full potential?


Overwhelmed or anxious at school or during tests and exams?

do they feel:

Bullying, disruptive behavior during class, difficulty focusing, anxiety, or depression?

Are they experiencing:

- Michelle & Amir

"Dr. shapiro and her team walked us through every step of the ASSESSMENT. What made a difference for us was the time Me forest Hill took to listen to us, follow up, and their involvement and relationship they created with our daughter's school."

Psychoeducational Assessments

Your bright and curious child is expressing frustration with their social and/or academic experiences.

Depending on your child’s experience, you may need a more comprehensive understanding of their learning profile and potential challenges. A psychoeducational assessment can give you the answers you’ve been searching for.

Appropriate when:

✓ Memory

✓ Academic abilities

✓ Cognitive abilities

✓ Processing speed

✓ Social-emotional functioning

✓ Environmental factors that affect learning and behaviour

 Can Give You Answers About Your Child’s:

A diagnosis of a learning disability or challenge (when appropriate)

Deeper understanding of what may cause specific challenges

Targeted, evidence-based treatment recommendations

An action plan for improving educational outcomes

Accommodations to request

Gives parents & students:

– Think about what you and your child want to understand and know

– Outline the questions you’d like to ask and the answers you’d like to receive

– Be open and curious

Preparing for Your Child’s Assessment:

Standardized testing



Review of school records


The Assessment is Administered Through:

We believe in comprehensive assessments that examine your child’s learning, attention, and mental health.

We keep working after the assessment results are completed – to recommend treatment options, help you work with your school to get appropriate accommodations, and to ensure your child is taken care of once they leave.

At Me Forest Hill:

Gifted Assessment

Your child is exceeding academically or may need an additional challenge in school. Potentially gifted children may experience behavioral struggles due to frustration and being misunderstood.

Appropriate when:

A child’s intellectual ability, as measured by their IQ. If your child’s IQ falls within the identified range, they are considered gifted. This assessment does not identify the presence of a learning disability. 


✓ Verified IQ score

✓ Access to Gifted services

✓ An IEP to protect a child’s accommodations or unique learning needs

Gives parents & students:



Do I need a comprehensive assessment if I’m only concerned about a learning disability?

Yes. A full, comprehensive assessment is necessary to understand your child’s learning profile.

Learning differences rarely appear alone, and these learning differences can also present with mental health challenges.

Your child needs holistic interventions and treatment, which requires a comprehensive assessment.

What are the steps of an assessment?

Our team of experienced clinicians use standardized tests, questionnaires, interviews, and other assessment tools to gather information about an individual and their life circumstances. This allows us to develop a full picture of your child, including their strengths as well as the challenges that they are presently facing. We interpret the information collected in order to develop an understanding of the child, or youth, and to make a diagnosis where appropriate.

The assessment is done…
now what?

After the assessment, we’ll share the report with you, and with your permission, with your child's school to help secure support and accommodations. If you would like to try non-medical treatments through our centre—like reading intervention, tutoring, Executive Functioning or ADHD Coaching for kids or teens, please contact us for more information.

Most importantly, the knowledge gained from the assessment can be used to develop a treatment plan, support programming at school, and/or gain access to appropriate community services.

Do I need a referral to get my child assessed?

No, a referral is not required for you to make an appointment with the team at Me Forest Hill. However, some providers of extended healthcare benefits require that you have a referral for psychological services from a family doctor or other medical specialist, much like what would be required for another health professional, such as a physiotherapist, chiropractor, or massage therapist.

What are the fees?

Psychological assessments have a flat-rate fee that covers all aspects of the assessment, including the initial consultation and all testing, interviews, and observations. In the case of exceptional circumstances, additional fees may be required.

All fees are discussed ahead of time.

Can I pay my fee in installments?

All fees can be broken down into installments. For details about specific rates and installment structures, please contact Dr. Shapiro at

Fees are set in accordance with the recommendations set by OPA and OCSWSSW and can be paid by credit card or email money transfer.

Ready for the insights and answers an assessment can provide?

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